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    SOFT#2001: Inventory and Shop



    A robust and full-fledged inventory and shop management system to ease your work. The system’s functionality is so much user-friendly and easy to use that you will fall in love with it.


    Stunning Dashboard
    A stunning looking and robust dashboard to give a proper insight of your business’s current status.

    Manage Sales and Purchase
    Add/Edit/Delete sales and purchase as per the GST compliance. CGST and IGST included along with GST calculation.

    Manage Discount and Taxes
    Manage (Create, Read, Edit, Delete) discounts and Taxes from the system panel with ease.

    User Group
    Manage (Create, Read, Edit, Delete) variety of user groups like Admin, Manager, Seller, Purchaser, Accountants and more.

    In-Depth Report
    Find in-depth and detailed reports of Sales, Products, Purchase and etc. to get proper insight about the business and take necessary steps with ease.

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    SOFT#2002: Accounts with Invoice



    Transform how you do your business.

    With Invoice PHP you have the best proven tools for your business. Get the insights, make decisions faster with more confidence and do your best work with Invoice PHP.



    Real Time business Intelligence
    No matter what kind of business you are in, Invoice PHP is your true companion. Even if you are one-man army, you handle everything for your business, now you can do better. Invoice PHP has innovative features in order to maintain accurate account balances to ensure accountability and to established historical business activity data thus provides information to decision-makers for determining business strategies.

    Manage Your Customer
    Customers are the most important people for any organization. It is the customer who creates demand for goods and services. Invoice PHP allows you to maintain a focus on your customer in a faster and simpler way.

    Invoice PHP is one of the best invoicing software available in the market. It’s ready for both online and off-line invoicing method. Create it, send it or print it. Every invoice generated unique secure general invoice URL so that your customer does not need to login to view your invoice. As well as integrating a payment gateway will enable you to get paid online.

    Send Quote/Proposal
    Using Invoice PHP, you can create beautiful quote or proposal. Customer can accept it from the client portal or using unique URL. Later you can convert it to invoice.

    Manage Orders
    Manage orders for your services and/or products. Send order activation welcome email from your admin portal.

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    SOFT#2003: Shop with POS


    A fully optimized retail solution that offers Point of Sale, Inventory, Customer Management and Analytics. Cloud based solution to make it accessible from anywhere in real-time.



    Inventory Management
    A strong inventory management system to make you feel comfortable. The system can also generate and print Barcodes to ease out the automation process.

    Customers and Supplier Management
    Be a strong manager to maintain your business relationship with the system’s state of the art Customer and Supplier management module.

    Point of Sale
    A detailed and well-engineered PoS module to automate your sales while keeping all the necessary data you need.

    Multiple User Role & Permission
    Create and manage multiple users and assign them with selected user permission parameters.

    Robust Reporting System
    This system includes a robust and in-depth reporting system to give you the best insights about your business. From sales to orders and inventory to customers every sort of report that you will need is there to help you out.

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    SOFT#2004: POS System



    IPL POS is a web-based application that allows you to manage your sales and stock. This application also features an easy and intuitive POS solution for faster billing. IPL POS manages the customers’ information, suppliers information, sales and purchase information, expense information, units, categories, items, tax information and much more. It’s robust and insightful reporting system generates meaningful reports for you to get a proper insight about your business.



    Intuitive Dashboard
    IPL POS features a clean and intuitive dashboard with all the necessary information and tools you will need.

    Stunning Sales Reporting
    Track all of your sales with monthly, yearly, invoices, estimates, payments and proposals reports.
    Hassle Free Invoicing System
    A full hassle-free invoicing system including recurring invoices and payment with payment gateway integration capability makes your job easier.
    Publish announcements and/or notices to your employees and clients from this system.

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    The ultimate solution for travel managers and travel agents. Travel Agency CRM is the next-gen online travel agency software that provides a complete end to end travel agency back office system that reduces cost and better serve customer via the web.



    Simple to Use

    Travel Agency CRM is taking the advantages of the latest cloud and web technologies to give you the best travel agency management software user interface you have ever experienced.

    Access from Anywhere

    Access Travel Agency CRM from anywhere using any devices. Our cloud-based software enables you to use it from any location and/or any device that is connected to the internet.

    Sales Report

    Travel Agency CRM lets you to be aware of all sales activity at any moment. Great selection of standard reports is built it to fulfil your need.

    Customer & Supplier Database and Profiles

    Using Travel Agency CRM enables you to get rid of hectic Excel entries. This system allows you to keep an evidence of your customers and suppliers and avoid duplicate entries, fast and simple.

    More Productive

    With all these giving solutions with the Travel Agency CRM, the day to day work is decreased. The travel agents will have time learn new things about the destinations they are selling, which will be reflected in giving better advices to the customers, making for them an enjoyable holiday booking.

    FrameWork –  .NET

    Demo :

    USER : Admin
    Password : 112233

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    SOFT#2006: Restaurant Management Pro



    A full-fledged food ordering system for restaurants, that comes with a responsive design and user-friendly interface that is compatible with multiple restaurant and membership system.

    Restaurant Management V2 comes with features like the custom CMS, Order Management, Merchant Management, Menu Management, Customer Management, SMS Alerts, SEO Optimization, Referral System and etc.




    Merchant Administration Features
    1. Easy to manage food items & addon category
    2. Manage address, tax, delivery charges, Receipt Messages and etc.
    3. Email and SMS notifications for orders.
    4. Payment Gateway integration to accept online payment
    5. Detailed and robust sales report.

    Admin Features
    1. Easy management tools for merchant and members
    2. CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) Package discounts
    3. Robust and detailed reports over merchants, sales and etc.

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    SOFT#2007: Restaurant Management



    A full-fledged food ordering system for restaurants, that comes with a responsive design and user-friendly interface that is compatible with desktops, laptops, mobile phones and tablets.

    Restaurant Management V1 comes with features like the custom CMS, Order Management, Menu Management, Customer Management, SMS Alerts, SEO Optimization, Referral System and etc.



    Powerful Admin Panel
    A powerful admin panel from where you can CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) menus, items, addons, options, offers and etc. So that users can view all food items and book an order.

    Seamless Order Booking
    Users can book an order by choosing items menu wise, select/add delivery location, utilize loyalty points and pay online/offline.

    Referral System and Loyalty Points
    Admin provides points, registering through referral, both referred and referral users get points. Users can use these points while booking an order. As well as Admin can provide points when users book orders for first order, and/or all orders etc.

    A detailed and convenient reports on sales, items, customers and etc. let’s you have the ease of taking decision on the go.

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    SOFT#2008: Hospital Care



    Hospital Care is modern and complete hospital automation software that can manage almost every hospital, doctor clinic, pharmacy, pathology, radiology, the blood bank or any medical center.



    Intuitive and Robust Dashboard
    Hospital Care features a clean and intuitive dashboard with all the necessary information and tools you will need. Its featureful dashboard reporting will keep you amazed.

    State of the Art In-Patient Department (IPD) Module
    Hospital Care features state of the art IP module to let you run your IPD without any hassle.

    Most Efficient Out-Patient Department (OPD) Module
    Hospital Care’s OPD module is much robust and efficient you will never feel any lag in providing your service.

    Multi-way Appointment System
    Hospital Care features a multi-way appointment system and lets your patients make appointments from the online website as well as offline.

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    SOFT#2009: NGO Management System



    NGO Management System is an easy to use, affordable CRM solution that has more add-ons to choose from than any other nonprofit software on the market, so you can customize it to meet your exact needs.



    Dynamic Insightful Dashboard
    NGO Management System features a highly dynamic and insightful Dashboard. All the summarized information you will need is presented in the Dashboard.

    Services & Assessments
    Manage your services and improve quality of service delivery by recording assessments and feedbacks.

    Track & Manage Stakeholders
    Manage your donors, beneficiaries, employees from a single portal with ease.

    Provider Service Efficiently
    NGO Management System lets you define your services, plan the service delivery and other features related to service to customize and ease the service delivery process.

    Detailed Reporting
    Get the best insight based on highly dynamic, robust and intuitive reports from the NGO Management System.

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    SOFT#2010: Pharmacy Care



    Pharmacy Care is a web-based Pharmacy Management Application with a responsive user interface that grants pharmacy, clinic and hospital owners and workers universal access to the information and real-time updates on the current status of the pharmacy with a point of sale, income history, invoicing, purchase history, stock management, and financial statements. It is a multi-level user based pharmacy management system with a default administrator, dispenser and cashier accounts.



    Intuitive and Robust Dashboard

    Pharmacy Care features a clean and intuitive dashboard with all the necessary information and tools you will need. Its featureful dashboard reporting will keep you amazed.

    State of the Art Medicine Inventory Management
    Pharmacy Management’s top of the line medicine management system ensures optimum usability and ease of mind.

    Easy POS and Invoicing
    Pharmacy Care feature’s easy POS integration and top of the line Invoicing system.

    Multi-user and Multi-Currency Support
    Pharmacy Management supports multi-user role and multi-currency support to enhance efficiency and effectivity.

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    SOFT#2011: School Management



    A complete CMS solution for school and colleges. These features a full-on CMS system to operate a school and/or college with a built-in website.


    In-Built Website
    BDSoft Shikkha Poribar features an in-built website for school and/or college. The website is highly customizable and robust.

    Strong Backend Panel
    BDSoft Shikkha Poribar features a strong and dynamic backend panel to enhance the usability of the website.

    Intuitive Eye Catchy Design
    BDSoft Shikkha Poribar features eye-catchy designs to soothe your eyes.

    Manage Teachers, Students & Staffs
    Manage Teachers, Students, and Staffs from the backend panel of BDSoft Shikkha Poribar with ultimate ease and enhanced functionality.


    A complete CMS solution for school and colleges. BDSoft Shikkha Poribar features a full-on CMS system to operate a school and/or college with a built-in website.

    1.    Dashboard
    2.    Users
    a.    Admin
    b.    Teachers
    c.    Parents
    d.    Students
    e.    Massive Students
    3.    Information 
    4.    Student Promotion 
    5.    Manage Classes 
    a.    Manage Classes
    b.    Manage Sections
    6.    Subjects 
    7.    Marks 
    a.    Semesters
    b.    Upload Marks
    c.    Tabulation Sheet
    8.    Attendance 
    a.    Daily Attendance
    b.    Attendance Report
    9.    Schedule 
    a.    Class Routine
    b.    Exam Routine

    10.    News 
    a.    List
    b.    Send
    11.    Library
    a.    Library
    b.    Virtual Library
    12.    Media Gallery
    a.    Add Video
    b.    Video Gallery
    13.    Classrooms 
    14.    Contents 
    15.    Teachers Files 
    16.    Events Calendar
    17.    Accounting 
    a.    Student Payment
    b.    Expense
    18.    School Reports
    19.    School Bus
    20.    Permissions 
    a.    Teacher Permits
    b.    Student Permits
    21.    Statics Pages 
    a.    Manage Page
    b.    New Page
    22.    Messages 

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    SOFT#2012: Factory Management


    Factory Management Features:
    Factory Management System provides everything you need to enhance your Bricks business. Our system is built using latest technology & built with simple and easy user flow. It contains all the reporting & forms that are required to Manage a your business. Our system is available on premise and completely safe from fraudulent activities. With our management software, you can have complete insight into your profitability, inventory and cash flow.

    Backend Features:

    1.    Dashboard 
    2.    Sell
    a.    Product Sell
    b.    Selling List
    3.    Buy
    a.    Product Buy
    b.    Buying List
    4.    Inventory
    a.    Product
    b.    Raw Materials
    c.    Raw Material Expense
    d.    Stock
    e.    Employee Stock
    f.    Transfer Stock
    g.    Transfer History
    5.    Customer
    a.    Add Customer
    b.    Customer List
    c.    Customer Payment
    d.    Dues
    6.    Suppliers 
    a.    Add Supplier
    b.    Supplier List
    7.    Employee 
    a.    Add Employee
    b.    Employee List
    c.    Salary History
    d.    Salary Sheet
    8.    Accounts 
    a.    Add Payment
    b.    Payment History
    c.    Receive Money
    d.    Payments
    e.    Receive Voucher
    f.    Manual Transaction
    g.    Account History
    h.    Daily Transaction
    i.    Payment Voucher
    j.    Transfer Voucher
    9.    Attendance
    a.    Attendance
    b.    Attendance List
    c.    Import
    10.    Setting 
    a.    Company
    b.    Category
    c.    Units
    d.    Designation
    e.    Time management
    f.    SMS
    g.    SMS Set up
    h.    Users

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